October  24, 2017

After taking no break at all, The U.S. Americans pushed through the music scene fiercer and more committed than ever. This album reflects a new turn in their career as a progressive alternative Rock Band. With Greatest Hits, The U.S. Americans created some of their most compelling work to date. Listen and enjoy the superior sound quality that this album has to offer.

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Take a walk through the LES with us.


American animation at its finest


Filmed and directed by Master Mike Mintz in an abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn, New York.


THE U.S. AMERICANS tip-toe the Venn diagram of analog rock in the digital age. Championing humanism and protesting apathy without waving any flags, their shows electrify fans of all genres. Weaving thunderstruck guitars, whimsical lyrics, fresh rhymes, beats that'll make you cock your upper lip and enough chutzpah to take on the USA, this group is a refreshing reminder that serious music doesn't always have to be so serious.


Inaugurated in 2014 by Jeff Weiss and Roy from Queens, two 2nd generation Americans who've been friends since the internet was just a CIA tool, declared their independence from everything boring, vapid, too-serious, and guitar-less. Together, they began crafting the tunes that would constitute their debut LP, Greatest Hits (October 2017). 


This ragtag group's revolving door of rhythm sections has showcased some of the best talent in NYC. Having been described as 'David Bowie in a gang bang with Iron Maiden and Dr. Suess' by their peers, words and whiffs of their oh-so-fresh performances reached RnR Hall of Famer, Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam, who so graciously offered his support as the opening act for The U.S. Americans' first trip to Seattle in the summer of '17.